Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count – Spinach

Poor sperm production caused by activities of some antibodies:

Antibodies within the blood cells are designed to protect organs from internal attacks and so are desperate to kill germs that are addressed and identified as harmful. However, sperm antibodies are such ones that mistakenly consider sperms to be affective for human organs. So, unfortunately, as soon as sperms and blood get in contact, irrespective of male or female, such antibodies destroy them and reduce the total volume of sperm within the reproductive system.

So, males who are physically strong and healthy, having sufficient antibodies may have likelihood of experiencing reduced sperms during the orgasm. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is an example of such antibodies that kill sperms and lessens their ejaculatory volume. Result of treatments or preventive strategies against sperm reduction, which is caused by antibodies’ attack, may have not been perceived immediately due to the fact that sperms that a male uses to ejaculate are created 90 days earlier.

So, if a male gets prevention from such antibodies attack, he will be able to determine the result right 90 days after he receives the treatment. On the other hand, everyone needs antibodies in the body to live a safe and healthy life. So, it could be extensively the physician’s discretion to decide when and how the sperm can get rid of antibodies’ attacks.

Spinach is mostly the medicine for infertile males:

Spinach is known in the Popeye cartoons to give instant strength and muscles. Even though spinach doesn’t quite do this, it is, however, loaded up with a lot of nutrients and minerals to sustain the human body especially a male.

Spinach contains but are not limited to thiamine, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A,C, E, B6 and K. Spinach is also rich in folic acid which is helpful in the prevention of distorted sperm shapes found in men that can result when there are low levels of folic acid in a male’s body. These leafy green vegetables are classified as one of the super foods required in a man’s diet.

This abnormality of the male sperm can result in oligospermia which is a condition which determines a male’s fertility. This condition results in the decreased levels of semen found in a male’s ejaculation. With low levels of folic acid, these distorted sperm have a short life span. Even if by mere chance they make it to the egg, it would be impossible for the sperm to penetrate the egg and fertilize it.

However, on the slim chance that these deformed sperms penetrates an egg the chances that the child will form with birth defects are very likely. These all result in chromosomal abnormalities. Luckily spinach can increase the risk that this does not happen.

Unfortunately, eating too much spinach can result in harmful effects to the body. Due to this reason if a male has a low level of semen it is advisable that they speak to their doctor first and speak about the conditions so that appropriate measures can be done to improve these levels.


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