How To Increase Sperm Without Pills

Discussions surrounding male fertility in men mostly revolve around sperm – both quantity and quality. In as much as no man wants to hear that their sperm quality or quantity is low, such conclusions are inevitable at times. While some men choose to utilize pills to improve sperm count, motility, as well as mobility. However, you may want to consider laying off the pills for quite some time, try the numerous natural methods available, and then see how things turn out. Here, we concentrate on natural ways of improving your sperm count without relying on the pills.

Lifestyle modification

It is amazing how a simple lifestyle adjustment can cause such as the tremendous positive difference in our sexual health, as well as the overall body health. There are things we do, feel guilty about them, and still find the guts to do them next time. To improve your sperm count, you must show 100 percent willingness to lead a healthy lifestyle. Bad lifestyle choices are perhaps the number one reason why you are dealing with low sperm count in the first place.

First and foremost, quit cigarette smoking as it is bad for the health of your sperms. According to a research study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, the effects of cigarette smoking goes beyond the sperm count. The bad habit also impairs sperm morphology (resulting in abnormalities) as well as motility. Heavy drinking also interferes with male fertility. It affects the libido, may cause erectile dysfunction, and also affects the quality of the sperm. While it is unclear what constitutes excessive consumption of alcohol, you may want to consider reducing your current intake or stopping altogether.

Having multiple sexual partners may also do you a disservice especially if you happen to contract sexually transmitted infections. STIs are known to disrupt the production of healthy sperms regarding both quantity and quality. For this reason, if you must have multiple partners at any given time, always use a condom – even though it is more appropriate to stick to one sex partner.

Another thing that you need to put into account is your diet. The foods you eat also affect the health of your sperm. You may want to begin by eliminating all forms of junks and foods that contain unhealthy fats. Aim at eating a balanced diet at all times. Limit your caffeine and diet drinks intake. Some of the most recommended sperm friendly foods include tomatoes, black chocolate, blueberries, lentils and oysters among many others. If you are overweight, pay for that gym subscription and make your way there several times a day. Irrespective of how tied up you are in your career, family, business or school work, you should find a way of obtaining some spare time to exercise. Obesity is a leading cause of infertility.

Lastly, give up those hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms – they are temporarily destroying the health of your sperms. Also, keep your phone away from the pockets that are close to your manhood. Do I really have to remind you that your laptop should be as far away from your lap as possible. Excessive exposure to heat raises the scrotal temperatures which in turn causes impairs your fertility.

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