How To Prolong Ejaculation?

Apart from the penis size, people use the ability of a man to last longer in bed as a measure of the strength of his masculinity. Men almost die of embarrassment and humiliation when they ejaculate sooner than expected during their sexual escapades. Sex needs to be sufficiently long to be pleasurable and meaningful – unless we are talking about those lunchtime or before-work quickies. So, what should a man do if he cannot last long enough in bed? Do all the cases of not being able to control orgasm amount to premature ejaculation?

Let’s consider some of the ways through which you can prolong the climax moment.


Sex is a beautiful thing, and efforts should be made to make it even more interesting. Every good lover desires to impress his significant other. When it comes to satisfying the sexual needs of women fully, foreplay is a critical tool. However, another catch here is that it will also prevent you from penetrating sooner, which goes a long way in delaying orgasm – especially when foreplay is focused on arousing the woman.

Reduce anxiety

Anxiety is the number one culprit when it comes to a man’s disability to delay orgasm. First things first; do not think about orgasm at all. Sometimes the internal pressure to perform in bed is inevitable, but you must find a way to get out of it. In many instances, your bedroom performance is the last thing in a woman’s mind during sex. So, do not think about it. Concentrate on creating memorable moments with your partner each time an opportunity presents itself.

Take it nice and slow

Aside from foreplay, do not be in a hurry to attain orgasm. Make the movements as slow as possible – yet pleasurable. When you feel like you are going fast and feel like ejaculating, try and slow down a little. You will realise how much control you have over your orgasms. Changing positions also helps a lot. Stay clear of positions that increase the sensitivity of the penis glans. Spooning is a perfect sex style when your goal is to enjoy sex longer.


Masturbation is a very popular method of prolonging ejaculation. It should be done a few hours before engaging in sex. Ejaculation through masturbation decreases the sensitivity of the penis. This will help you to last longer when you finally engage in vaginal intercourse. Unfortunately, this strategy works against some men as it may kill their desire to have sex or even result in a weaker erection. If you are prone to such a problem, use the start and stop technique 2 or more hours before having sexual intercourse.

If the above methods do not help, and you cannot last a minute and half longer in bed, speak with your doctor. There are a lot of medical professionals who can help treat this condition (premature ejaculation). They include an urologist, sex therapist, psychologist or a psychiatrist. Don’t suffer in silence and deny yourself and your partner the opportunity to enjoy incredible love-making experiences now, and in the future. Luckily, many cases of premature orgasms are treatable, and couples go on to enjoy sex like they used to.

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