How To Make Semen Taste Better?

Are we now discussing the taste of semen? Well, yes, and there is no problem. The modern population is civilised and more open than never on matters sex and sexual health. One of the driving forces in the lives of men is to please women. This is the number one reason why they undergo penis enlargement. Their egos hurt a lot when they cannot achieve it, and more so if it has anything to do with sex. If you were already wondering why anyone would bother to do something to make his cum delicious, now you know. It all boils down to him wanting to make a good name for himself – in the eyes of his woman lover.

Typically, semen should taste slightly taste and quite warm. Opinions differ between and among people, and this is understandable putting into account that individuals’ taste buds vary considerably. For instance, one person may say that semen has no taste, and someone may claim it is sweet. Others may say that is too much salty, while some find it bitter. The good news is; semen taste can be improved using a couple of methods. Let us consider some of these techniques:

Get rid of common pollutants

We all know that some lifestyle habits are not good, but we still insist on keeping up with them even if they mess up our health completely. Cigarette smoking, for instance, has never done anyone any good. From penis shrinkage to poor quality of sperms and infertility and lung problems, cigarettes are extremely harmful to your health.

It should not, therefore, come as a surprise that it also affects the taste of semen. Excessive consumption of alcohol, taking recreational drugs and too much coffee causes harm to your cum. These pollutants give semen not only a gross taste but also bitter. With this in mind, you may want to consider giving up on these elements for good.

Eat right

You can actually eat your way to better-tasting semen. Fruits such as apples, pineapples, lemons, and Cranberries have been proven to work in favour of the semen taste. Stock your fridge with these fresh fruits, and soon enough, she will notice the positive difference, and perhaps look forward to those sexual encounters. Stay clear of red meat, fast foods, and dairy products. Asparagus, garlic, and onions are also not good for the taste of your semen and if you can avoid them the better.

Drink enough water

Health and nutritional experts recommend a daily intake of not less than eight glasses, and they have justifiable reasons for it. The fact that water is life is undeniable. It is a huge determinant of our health status at any given time. Your doctor must have reminded you the importance of staying dehydrated a million times already. The seminal fluid contains mostly water. As such, if you are dehydrated, the volume of ejaculation decreases significantly, and it may also not taste good. Water also helps in the release of toxins from the body which boosts the taste of your cum.

How To Prolong Ejaculation?

Apart from the penis size, people use the ability of a man to last longer in bed as a measure of the strength of his masculinity. Men almost die of embarrassment and humiliation when they ejaculate sooner than expected during their sexual escapades. Sex needs to be sufficiently long to be pleasurable and meaningful – unless we are talking about those lunchtime or before-work quickies. So, what should a man do if he cannot last long enough in bed? Do all the cases of not being able to control orgasm amount to premature ejaculation?

Let’s consider some of the ways through which you can prolong the climax moment.


Sex is a beautiful thing, and efforts should be made to make it even more interesting. Every good lover desires to impress his significant other. When it comes to satisfying the sexual needs of women fully, foreplay is a critical tool. However, another catch here is that it will also prevent you from penetrating sooner, which goes a long way in delaying orgasm – especially when foreplay is focused on arousing the woman.

Reduce anxiety

Anxiety is the number one culprit when it comes to a man’s disability to delay orgasm. First things first; do not think about orgasm at all. Sometimes the internal pressure to perform in bed is inevitable, but you must find a way to get out of it. In many instances, your bedroom performance is the last thing in a woman’s mind during sex. So, do not think about it. Concentrate on creating memorable moments with your partner each time an opportunity presents itself.

Take it nice and slow

Aside from foreplay, do not be in a hurry to attain orgasm. Make the movements as slow as possible – yet pleasurable. When you feel like you are going fast and feel like ejaculating, try and slow down a little. You will realise how much control you have over your orgasms. Changing positions also helps a lot. Stay clear of positions that increase the sensitivity of the penis glans. Spooning is a perfect sex style when your goal is to enjoy sex longer.


Masturbation is a very popular method of prolonging ejaculation. It should be done a few hours before engaging in sex. Ejaculation through masturbation decreases the sensitivity of the penis. This will help you to last longer when you finally engage in vaginal intercourse. Unfortunately, this strategy works against some men as it may kill their desire to have sex or even result in a weaker erection. If you are prone to such a problem, use the start and stop technique 2 or more hours before having sexual intercourse.

If the above methods do not help, and you cannot last a minute and half longer in bed, speak with your doctor. There are a lot of medical professionals who can help treat this condition (premature ejaculation). They include an urologist, sex therapist, psychologist or a psychiatrist. Don’t suffer in silence and deny yourself and your partner the opportunity to enjoy incredible love-making experiences now, and in the future. Luckily, many cases of premature orgasms are treatable, and couples go on to enjoy sex like they used to.

Is It Normal If Sperm Has Strong Odor?

Discussions surrounding the sperm’s smell are understandably minimal. The last thing that people want to discuss, especially men, is anything that has to do with their reproductive system. However, some things cannot be postponed any further, lest they result in disaster. A good number of men do not know how the sperm should smell when everything is okay down there. Today, we set the record straight. What are the normal and abnormal smells of sperm? Are there factors that affect this smell?

The normal smell

The natural smell of sperm is chlorine or bleach – pretty much the smell you encounter in swimming pools or laundry rooms. The bleach-like smell is attributed to the presence of ammonia and a couple of other alkaloids present in semen. Surprisingly, 20 percent of people cannot detect this smell, and this explains why they claim that sperm does not have any smell.

Abnormal smell

If you are suspecting an abnormality with your sperm, look out for a fishy or foul smell. If your sperm is red, brown, green or yellow, something is wrong. It must be an infection in the prostate gland or any other reproductive organ. Drop everything you are doing and see a doctor.

Crucial information

When determining if your sperm is normal or abnormal, the element of time must be factored in because of the following:

  1. Freshly ejaculated sperms usually has a light, almost unnoticeable smell
  2. The chlorine or bleach-like smell begins when the sperms starts to dry
  3. Should the sperms die before they dry out, they generate a pungent smell – powerful odor.

Ways of eliminating sperm smell

  1. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, caffeine and recreational drugs hurt the sperm odor – especially when consumed in excess. Health practitioners recommended complete removal of recreational drugs and tobacco products and a significant reduction in the intake of alcohol and caffeine to bring the smell of sperm to normalcy.
  2. Ensure that you are adequately hydrated at all times. Dehydration is the number one cause of bad sperm smell. Try and drink at least eight glasses of water every day as it also helps in detoxification. If you have difficulties drinking plain water, fruit juices will come in handy.
  3. Some strong-smelling herbs and foods are to blame for bad sperm odor. If possible, stay clear of excess onions, garlic, and asparagus.
  4. Over the years, herbs are known to have a solution for almost every health problems. Besides increasing sex drive and fertility, some herbs are good at improving sperm smell. Some of these sperm cleansing ingredients include parsley, celery, and green tea. Pineapples and oranges are also incredibly useful when it comes to eliminating bad, unpleasant sperm smell.

As explained earlier, men should report abnormalities in sperm to their doctors as soon as possible. Don’t attempt the above four solutions if your case points out to a possible infection. Abnormally smelling sperms is not something you should keep to yourself. There could be a bigger underlying problem that is correctable if reported in time.

11 Herbs And Vitamins For Bigger Loads

Regardless of your reasons for desiring bigger sperm loads, you have a myriad of ways through which this can be made possible. You just have to choose what you consider convenient in terms of effectiveness, availability and financial obligations. Herbs and vitamins offer an incredible means towards boosting your loads. Let’s consider some of these herbs and vitamins.

Folic acid

It is not only recommended to women who are trying to conceive, but also men who wish to increase their sperm count. Shortage of this B vitamin translates to lowered sperm counts. Folic acid also helps in reducing cases of sperm abnormalities. If for some reason you can take folic acid supplements, try eating a lot of leafy greens, fortified cereals, legumes, and orange juice.

Vitamin C

An important anti-oxidant, vitamin C not only prevents potential sperm defects but also boosts motility. Men with lower levels of vitamin C may have infertility. The recommended daily consumption of vitamin C is between 500 and 1000 milligrams – especially for smokers because cigarettes usually reap the body of antioxidants.

Vitamin D

The nucleus of the sperm cell depends on Vitamin D for its healthy development, which ultimately guarantees quality semen and sperm count. Men dealing with decreased libido may also rely on vitamin D as it increases testosterone. An intake of 400-800 milligrams daily is sufficient. Milk and salmon are incredible foods for promoting high levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin E

The antioxidant properties in vitamin E enhance the quality, volume, and motility of sperms. Besides protecting the sperm against possible damage from free-radical, it also keeps the sperm membrane healthy. Intake of vitamin E supplements improves the ability of the sperm to penetrate an egg. The body absorbs Vitamin E much easier in its natural form compared to its synthetic form. Increase your chances of conception by taking 400 milligrams of vitamin E daily – it could be from supplements or natural sources.

Vitamin B12

It increases sexual stamina. It also plays a critical role in improving your fertility by increasing sperm count and motility.


No other mineral is as important or powerful as zinc when it comes to sexual health. Men with low zinc levels struggle with a significant reduction of testosterone, and in turn, have to deal with the problems associated with reduced libido. Zinc is the number one go to mineral when you feel like you need to boost semen volume.


A research study by Belgium Ghent University revealed that a daily intake of 16 milligrams of Astaxanthin (for three months), results in a significant improvement of sperm motility as well as speed.


According to research carried out by UCLA, daily consumption of 75 grams of walnuts for 90 days improves the sperm count, motility, as well as its morphology. Incidences of the poor quality of chromosome appeared to reduce substantially among the research participants who ate walnuts.


Maca is known to increase semen production, and also boost both female and male libido. The fact that it has stood the test of time is proof that Maca is a powerful herb in resolving sexual health problems.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a popular Chinese aphrodisiac. It contains saponin that helps to stimulate the production of sperm. Apart from boosting the levels of testosterone, Tribulus Terrestris also enhances sperm quality, motility, and its life expectancy.


A group of researchers from Perking University discovered that L-carnitine increases sperm motility and morphology among men struggling with infertility. It also causes a substantial increase in the chances of conception occurring.

7 Ways To Boost Your Sperm

There is no denying that men want to ejaculate loads of healthy sperm every other time during love-making. For a non-explicit reason, it feeds their ego. It makes them feel more masculine, and you know what this translates to – heightened levels of self-confidence and esteem. A confident man is a highly motivated man, and he will do anything to conquer the world. Another reason that makes men want to boost their sperms is for the purpose of recreation. A higher sperm count means fertility, and this too is something to be proud of.

In that case, we need to analyse a couple of ways through which men can boost their sperm. They include:

Diet changes

What you eat is critical to the quality and amount of sperm you ejaculate. Food plays a significant role in the quality and quantity of sperm during production. As such, men should aspire to eat right, and so religiously. Ensure to eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, as well as whole grains. Stay clear of refined carbohydrates, tea, coffee and foods containing artificial additives. Whatever you do, don’t deprive yourself of food as this may cause decreased sex drive and infertility due to unfavorable changes in the structure of the reproductive tissue.

Ditch unhealthy lifestyle habits

Besides eating right, you need to consider giving up on those bad lifestyle habits. Quit cigarette smoking and alcohol. It will surprise you how much change you are going to experience.

Maintain an ideal weight

Your weight affects your sperm. Find out what your ideal weight is (according to your body mass index) and work towards maintaining it. A good number of obese men are forced to deal with low sperm count, and sometimes impotence.

Regular exercise

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends 45 minutes of exercise five times a week. Combined with a healthy diet, it is impossible for a man not to experience enhanced fertility. Exercises are also a good way of helping you relieve stress and anxiety.

Don’t overdo it, however. Too much of something is poisonous, and that includes exercises too. Excessively intense exercises can be the cause of a low sperm count. Consult a professional fitness trainer to prescribe the right exercises, and in what quantities.

Nutritional supplements

People tend to think that fertility supplements should only be taken by women. However, men too need to consider the benefits of taking in the most important supplements such as zinc and vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements of between 2000 and 6000 milligrams per day significantly reduces the chances of sperm clumping and consequently leading to improved fertility. On the other hand, zinc supplementation of between 100 and 200 milligrams daily guarantees increased sperm count and motility, and also testosterone (responsible for elevating sex drive).


Men who lived in the ancient times trusted herbs when it came to eliminating health problems, including those affecting sexual health. These herbs are still used today, and as such, highly accessible. They include Korean ginseng, saw palmetto, ginkgo Biloba, horny goat weed and nutmeg among many others. Most of them are available in capsule and tablet forms.

Stop excessive usage of plastics

We found plastic chemicals such as Phthalates and BPA in nearly everything including our household products. Unfortunately, they hurt sperm counts. It is not a coincidence that sperm counts of the world population began to decrease during the 1940s – when plastic chemicals made their way into this world.

These seven ways should help you improve your sperm if you are willing to make the necessary changes.

Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count – Spinach

Poor sperm production caused by activities of some antibodies:

Antibodies within the blood cells are designed to protect organs from internal attacks and so are desperate to kill germs that are addressed and identified as harmful. However, sperm antibodies are such ones that mistakenly consider sperms to be affective for human organs. So, unfortunately, as soon as sperms and blood get in contact, irrespective of male or female, such antibodies destroy them and reduce the total volume of sperm within the reproductive system.

So, males who are physically strong and healthy, having sufficient antibodies may have likelihood of experiencing reduced sperms during the orgasm. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is an example of such antibodies that kill sperms and lessens their ejaculatory volume. Result of treatments or preventive strategies against sperm reduction, which is caused by antibodies’ attack, may have not been perceived immediately due to the fact that sperms that a male uses to ejaculate are created 90 days earlier.

So, if a male gets prevention from such antibodies attack, he will be able to determine the result right 90 days after he receives the treatment. On the other hand, everyone needs antibodies in the body to live a safe and healthy life. So, it could be extensively the physician’s discretion to decide when and how the sperm can get rid of antibodies’ attacks.

Spinach is mostly the medicine for infertile males:

Spinach is known in the Popeye cartoons to give instant strength and muscles. Even though spinach doesn’t quite do this, it is, however, loaded up with a lot of nutrients and minerals to sustain the human body especially a male.

Spinach contains but are not limited to thiamine, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A,C, E, B6 and K. Spinach is also rich in folic acid which is helpful in the prevention of distorted sperm shapes found in men that can result when there are low levels of folic acid in a male’s body. These leafy green vegetables are classified as one of the super foods required in a man’s diet.

This abnormality of the male sperm can result in oligospermia which is a condition which determines a male’s fertility. This condition results in the decreased levels of semen found in a male’s ejaculation. With low levels of folic acid, these distorted sperm have a short life span. Even if by mere chance they make it to the egg, it would be impossible for the sperm to penetrate the egg and fertilize it.

However, on the slim chance that these deformed sperms penetrates an egg the chances that the child will form with birth defects are very likely. These all result in chromosomal abnormalities. Luckily spinach can increase the risk that this does not happen.

Unfortunately, eating too much spinach can result in harmful effects to the body. Due to this reason if a male has a low level of semen it is advisable that they speak to their doctor first and speak about the conditions so that appropriate measures can be done to improve these levels.


Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count – Banana

Infertility caused by the absorption of certain medication:

While generic sperm production is a fundamental requirement for male, some medications and therapeutic processes can be responsible for decreasing it significantly. Anabolic Steroids, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, drugs for blood pressure, antifungal medications, epilepsy drugs, diuretics, etc can be the reason of the decrement of sperm generation. Some medications for heart diseases, Sulfasalazine, tranquilizers, peptic ulcer medications can also lower sperm generation rate in males.

Patients, who are receiving these drugs, have the likelihood of showing poor sperm production on a constant basis. Propecia, on the other hand can affect hormones within male reproductive system. Urinary function drugs as well as Viagra can lessen the production of sperm. When males are typically affected by low sperm production based indispositions, physicians usually take a special consideration before prescribing them with such drugs or medications and possibly try choosing alternative treatments for healing.

However, for helping the physician take all this into account, the patient must disclose relevant information related to poor sperm production, before other treatments start being in progress. Sometimes, physicians opt for prescribing supplementary medications, placebos, and herbs according to their discretion. Foods that contain healthy components for generating sperms can be even effective and helpful.

Banana Is More Than Tonic or Medicine:

Every wondered why bananas are considered one of the most widely consumed fruits on the world. This yellow fruit contains minerals and vitamins such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6. With these vitamins and minerals, bananas are known to help in the preventions, and improvements of illness and disorders.

There is a particular enzyme that is found within bananas called Bromelain. This enzyme aids in the improvement and prevention of the disorder Oligospermia. This condition describes the low semen level found within a male’s ejaculation. This condition prevents the conception of a child by the male counterpart.

Not only does banana contain all these minerals and vitamins but it contains a lot of energy that is requiring carrying out functions in the body. Without energy a male won’t be able to have the stamina that is needed to indulge in a sexual encounter.  The potassium that is found in the banana is good for the heart and nerves of an individual. The magnesium also aids in the functioning of the prostate. Vitamin B has been proven to improve a man’s stamina. Along with the enzyme, bromelain which aids in the increase sex drive of the male as the enzyme aids in the prevention of muscle soreness after intense exercise.

Men who are diagnosing with this condition have to include bananas in his diet to ensure that he is able to increase his semen levels. However, too many bananas are not good. Consuming a lot of bananas increases the intake of vitamin B in the body which can lead to harmful effects to the nervous system. It can also lead to your limbs being paralyze.  Improving your semen levels is important but do not over indulge in bananas to prevent it. Speak to your doctor and allow him or her to inspect you and assist you in maintaining or preventing this issue.


Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Egg

 Ejaculation Causes Poor Sperm Production:

In spite of keeping up with nominal sperm production one may experience an ultimate lack of semen outcome because of an uneven ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation is caused by semen’s entry into the bladder instead of getting directed to the tip of the male’s genital when the orgasm is in progress. Diabetes, bladder’s surgery, spinal ailments, urethra or prostate, or other medical conditions can cause improper ejaculation to happen.

A regular inappropriate ejaculation can result in low sperm production. Premature or prolonged ejaculation affects the estimated sexual satisfaction. If the problem lasts long, there will be a tragic sexual dissatisfaction which in turn, will take longer to recover as well as cause males to have infertility. Some particular drugs and medications like alpha blockers or anti-depressants might cause ejaculatory shortcomings.

Most interestingly, drawbacks with poor sperm production might get overlooked due to the massiveness of ejaculation problems or sexual dysfunctions, while each of these should be taken seriously in order to avoid long term permanent indispositions. To maintain expected sperm production, ejaculation problems should be removed. So, foods that can be helpful for recovering ejaculatory drawbacks can indirectly be useful for keeping the nominal rate of sperm production.

Will Eggs Improve My Sperm Count?

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. If this small egg contains a lot of nutrients that can develop into baby chicken, imagine what it can do to a human being! Eggs contain every little thing that humans needs. It contains vitamin A, cholesterol, foliate, vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, protein, Vitamin E, Phosphorus, Calcium and many more. All these vitamins and minerals come with a whole lot of benefits. Some of these benefits include increasing the levels of testosterone in men.

As it relates to the men that have oliogospermia, eggs are one of those things that should be included in their diet. Oliogospermia is a disorder that describes when men have a low sperm count in their ejaculation. Due to fact that eggs are rich in vitamin E and protein, it will improve the production levels of healthy and strong sperm. With these results, men who have the condition and those who don’t should be consuming eggs regularly.

It has been proven that eggs can also protect the sperm cells in the male’s seminiferous tubules from any harmful substance that may reduce the levels of sperm in the body, such as free radicals. These free radicals may kill the sperm cell and cause men to develop oliogospermia.

As much as eggs can improve your chances in conceiving a baby is it safe to have a lot of eggs? Consuming too much egg can increase your chances in getting a heart disease. It is recommended that one egg is eaten a day, however if you enjoy eating yolkless eggs then you can consume as many as you so desire. Before using eggs as your remedy for low semen levels in your body, visit your doctor for a checkups. If he/ she have diagnosed you with oliogospermia then allow your doctor to give you the proper instructions in taking care of the condition.


Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Oyster

Infections causing low sperm production:

Sperm inadequacy can be largely impacted by reproductive organs’ infections. Before the associated symptoms are brought to light such infections remain untreated in most individuals’ organs. Sometimes, patients fail to recognize even an acute symptom which could trigger to the source of indispositions before they meet the physician. Subsequently, patients endure the sexual discomfort due to the prevalence of low sperm production associated with infections.

Such infection can cause blockage, scarring, and frequent damages to the male’s organs. Inflammation of epididymis or testicles, HIV, gonorrhea, or other sexually transmitted disorders can cause blockage in the passage of sperm. Interestingly, low sperm production can be perceived as a symptom of some infections that occur in the male’s reproductive system. Some of these infections can potentially threaten the testicular functioning although sperm inadequacy can be recovered.

Detection and identification are required in right time to avoid maximum devastation. Individuals should always be keen to notice minimum sperm imbalance instead of feeling shy or taking any relevant symptom lightly. Apart from taking medications, there are soothing recoveries that can be availed by adding certain nutritious foods into the food menus. Systematic intakes of such foods can heal infections and at the same time generate adequate sperms normally.

Oysters Should Boost the Energy and Increase Semen Quality:

Oysters are seawater clams that have an irregular in shape. These clams are known for being notorious aphrodisiacs that contains high levels in zinc, which will be great for making love and fertility. For males who have the condition oligospermia, oysters is just one of those remedies to improve this issue. Oligospermia is a condition that describes a male fertility issue of having low sperm count. This can be diagnosing when a male ejaculates and his count is lower than millions of sperm per millilitre.

Oysters can improve this volume once the male decides to include this in his diet. The zinc mineral present in the oysters can aid in improving the levels of sperm production due to this material increasing the testosterone levels. If you want to improve your sex drive then oyster will just do that. Oysters will greatly improve your sex drive by improving your sexual desires and energy levels during sex.  Enhanced orgasm plus an enhanced sex drive will give you a higher chance of making a baby!

As good as all this sounds ensure that you are eating oysters in the right amount or it can lead to medical issues. Nevertheless, conceiving a baby will come with a lot of risks that you will need to consider with your partner. Speak with your doctor, exercise, fix your diet and I’m sure you will be able to get the drive you need to make that baby you can’t wait to see! It’s likely that one will continue receiving the best treatment available here and there, however, apart from taking the aid it is also important to make use of easy foods to recover from infertility slowly and steadily as well as boost the entire physical energy.


Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count: Dark Chocolate

Low Semen Quality Due to Varicocele:

In human organs, lots of indispositions can remain unnoticed until individuals’ distresses make them look back to the facts as well as causations. Low sperm availability and its infertility are common among males caused by Varicocele, which interrupts testicles from developing naturally. Varicocele can cause 35 percent of males to have initial infertility and up to 80 percent of males can experience secondary infertility because of it.

Sperm reproduction is a prerequisite of one’s good sexual performance as well as the overall soundness of sexual health. A varicocele is the result of veins’ enlargement within the scrotum holder that looks like a loose bag. Although, most varicocele can very easily be diagnosed and does not require a great arrangement for treatment, unawareness can result in a prolonged experience of low-sperm production that would definitely ruin the sexual pleasure.

A frequent observation to physical symptoms like swelling or recurring pain (in scrotum), and a slight care to refurbish the food menu can bring a great benefit when someone undergoes stresses due to poor sperm production. Obviously, there is hope, and there are some ways to quit the sperm ailment by taking foods that are scientifically proven to have medicinal qualities and efficacies.

Dark Chocolate: Delicious, and Effective in Infertility Remedy:

A term to describe a condition that occurs in a male when his sperm count is low is known as Oliogospermia. This condition is only diagnosed when a male’s sperm count is lower than the normal level that is seen in males. Unfortunately, this condition can decrease the chances in trying to get your partner pregnant. However, it does not mean it is impossible, with the aid of your doctor it can be done.

The first major sign seen by men who experience oliogospermia is the inability to conceive a child. The signs/ symptoms for this condition aren’t always obvious until a doctor does his/ her test on the individual. Other signs, however, like having a low sex drive, decreased in facial or body hair on the individual, chromosomal abnormality and feeling pain or a swelling of a lump in the testicle area are also observed in these men. Check your doctor for proper diagnosis if you think that you may have this condition.

However, studies show that certain foods can aid in increase in the semen count in a male. One of those special foods is Dark Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate contains the chemical L-Arginine that aids in the production of protein in the body. This chemical is a very important amino acid that is require in a male’s diet. It is known to increase the volume of semen and also improve and give a greater intensity during your orgasms. Dark chocolate is also a power aphrodisiac, if used correctly and in the right amounts or else you will just be gaining weight from eating all this chocolate which will later reduce your testosterone levels in your body and along with your sperm count.

Being diagnose with this condition is not the end, find remedies that will aid in improving it. Exercise on a regular basis; visit your doctor to ensure you’re on the right path. And never stop trying!