Sperm Count

There is a vital matter when it talks about sperm count in men.
The increased in the sperm count is significant in all matters of life. Sperm count emanates the strong sexual existence for a male individual.

Sperm count is also vital in knowing if you wife is going to conceive a child. There are different ways in order to increase the sperm count and to be able to achieve the utmost results quickly.

1. Have a proper diet. This is the initial way of increasing the sperm count. There is a saying that you are what you eat. Therefore, the body will reflect what food choices you consume. It also applies to the sexual activity and sperm count. Because of the fast phase in life, people tend to buy fast food.

You will help in enhancing your sperm count by adding the intake of nutritious foods and to take in natural foods as required.

2. Don’t forget to get hydrated. Water is among the remedies to all heath issues. It also does the same thing with sperm count. Give an effort to drink 8 glasses of water everyday or you can take more.

3. Avoid caffeine. Foods and drinks containing caffeine have a big effect on sperm count. Coffee, soft drinks, and other caffeinated foods do negative results to the sperm count in the latter part. So be sure that you would avoid taking too much caffeinated foods and drinks and substitute water for caffeinated drinks to increase the sperm count.

4. Reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol is learned to produce harmful effects to the health condition. This has adverse effects on the count of the sperm. If you want to have a healthier life reduce you alcohol intake now or better yet avoid it.

5. Stress can have a great effect on the functions of the body. It is not always the food that you eat which contributes to the failure of your body to work at its best. Depression, emotional and mental stress can lower down the count of sperm.

Keep in mind that you have to positive outlook in life and it will reflect in your health as well. If you think negative then you would experience negative things in life. Your health will be subjected to risks and the potential for increasing the count of the sperm is lowered. You should learn how to keep a healthy mind and body.

There are foods that can help in increasing the count of sperm of a man.

  • Ginseng is found to have great effects in the augmentation of the count of sperm.
  • Orange contains vitamin C that also helps in this matter.
  • Green tea extract helps in making you feel relaxed
  • Lime juice like orange have the same benefit as well

If you will try to incorporate these essential foods to your diet, then you are on your way to your goal. Some of the foods that you should refrain from taking are red meat, garlic, onions, asparagus, chocolate, coffee and broccoli.