What Color Should Semen Be?

Are you worried about the color of your semen? Or are you not sure about the color it should be? Semen plays a significant role in human reproduction by providing a medium through which spermatozoa can swim as well as promoting their survival.

Located in the pelvis, the seminal vesicle is responsible for the production of semen. After production, semen is later released from the body through ejaculation. You can only determine the color of your semen after ejaculation since this is the time your semen will be exposed.

Normal and healthy semen should have a white or gray color. This is what you should always watch out for. If your semen shows something different from the two colors, then you may be having some problems. The most common problems known to affect the color of the semen include jaundice, urine, leukocytospermia, lifestyle factors, prostate infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

In most cases, many men complain of releasing a yellowish-white discharge from their penis. This is common for those men suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the diseases known to cause this kind of discharge include chlamydia and gonorrhea. The most common symptoms men suffering from sexually transmitted diseases may experience include pain, burning during urination, frequent need to urinate and itching.

You may also experience a change in the color of your semen from the normal color to yellowish-green. This color is usually associated with prostate infection. The primary cause of prostate infection is bacterial leakage. The bacteria in your urine may find its way into your prostate hence causing an infection. The symptoms of prostate infection include a cloudy urine, difficult or frequent urination, pain in the lower back and painful ejaculation.

Jaundice is another cause for a change in the color of semen. It is a condition in which the skin and eyes change their pigmentations. If you are suffering from Jaundice, your skin may appear greenish or yellowish while your eyes may whiten. Jaundice may extend to your semen hence affecting its color. The main causes of jaundice include alcohol use, viruses, genetic metabolic defects, autoimmune disorders, pancreatitis, certain medicines, gallbladder or gallstones.

In some cases, your semen may contain an abnormally high number of white blood cells. This condition is known as leukocytospermia, and can affect the color of your semen as well as weaken and destroy your sperm. Your semen may appear yellow in color. Leukocytospermia can be caused by swelling in the penile area, an infection, infrequent ejaculation, a genital infection, alcohol, tobacco or marijuana use, autoimmune disorders, widened or dilated veins from the testicles.

The quality of your semen is what will determine your fertility. A change in the color of your semen should be a sign that things are not okay in your body hence you should consider seeking medical attention.

To avoid the chances of facing the consequences related to a drop in the quality of your semen, you should always be careful with your body. You can also seek regular medical attention even when healthy to completely lower your chances of contracting infections that could adversely change the color of your semen.

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